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Nature Based Administration

A Message from Administration

Dear Families,

We are proud to serve our Monticello Nature Based Program families. Most of our hobbies and interests are based in the great outdoors, so it is with great enthusiasm that we serve as program administrators. Our priority is to provide our students with the best possible outdoor learning environment - an atmosphere in which they feel safe, have fun, and grow academically, socially and emotionally.

As parents/guardians, I encourage you to reach out about any topic. Working together, we will make the Monticello Nature Based Program a safe, passion-filled learning environment in which everyone feels valued.

It is a privilege to serve the children and families participating in our Nature Based Program!


Kristin Greene - Principal 






































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Kristin Greene, Principle

Kristin Greene - Principal

Trina Moen- Administrative Assistant

Jeremiah Mack- Community Ed Director

Barb Marquette- Administrative Assistant